Walking Holidays in Europe
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Our Level 1 and some of our easier Level 2 graded walking holidays provide easy walking holidays. These easy walking holidays are usually shorter daily distances compared to our more difficult walking holidays. Normally have flatter terrain and are on well maintained paths.

Destinations include Austria, France and Spain.

Easy walking holidays are great for first time walkers doing a walking holiday, but also people looking for a more relaxed walking holiday.

Easy Walking Holidays in Europe & UK

Exploring the Loire Valley

7 Nights
Daily from 1st April to 30th September
from £1165

Costa Brava – Along the Catalan Coast

7 Nights
Available daily 1st March to 27th June and from 1st September to 21st October.
from £839

Tuscany Chianti

4 or 7 Nights
Daily from 1st April to 31st October
from £518

Wine Trails of the Priorat

6 Nights
Available daily April to November
from £960

Island of Elba

5 Nights
Available daily from 14th April to 25th October
from £558

Pink Granite Coastline of Brittany

5 Nights
Daily from 1st April to 30th September
from £621

Wine Trails of Bordeaux

7 Nights
Available Daily April to October
from £1200

Athens and the Islands of Poros and Hydra

7 Nights
Available daily 21st March to 25th Oct
from £621

Glimpse of Sardinia

7 Nights
Saturdays 2nd March to 22nd June and 31st August to 26th October (other days with supplement)
from £819

Exploring Normandy, Brittany and Jersey

7 Nights
Available daily from April to October
from £1059

Provence and the Alpilles

4 Nights
Available daily from 15th March to June 30th, 1st September to 15th November
from £515

Channel Islands: Jersey, Guernsey and Sark

7 Nights
Available daily April to October
from £714

Painted Monasteries in Romania

7 Nights
Available daily from 2nd May to 26th September
from £671

Walking along Amalfi Coast

7 Nights
Available All year round starting on Saturdays (other days with a supplement)
from £791

Salzburg Lakes

7 Nights
Self-Guided – Daily April 25th to October 18th Guided – May 24th, September 20th Minimum 3 persons
from £661

Dordogne Dream, France

7 Nights
Daily April - October
from £1253